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Centre of Israeli Numismatic Specialities

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the numismatic source direct from israel since 1977


News from the Numismatic Scene in Israel


Tel Aviv Numismatic Club

Were the Tel Aviv Numismatic Club a barometer measuring the condition of Israel's numismatic scene, its needle would point solidly to the right – the sunny side. This is in stark contrast to the often heard complaint that interest in coin & currency collecting is dwindling and that the market is down. Not according to the 50-60 or so coin & currency collectors who meet each Thursday afternoon at around 4 pm (the end of the working week for most of us) in the central Tel Aviv clubhouse of their philatelic counterparts. Just about anything is traded or swapped. Not only Israel material or Numismatica Judaica, but also foreign material enjoys substantial popularity. Top three of the foreign popularity list: Euro trade coins from the 12 participating countries collected by date, the tremendously popular U.S. state quarters collected by mintmark, and the Secagawea dollar – also collected by date and mintmark! Where else in the world could you find a coin club that meets each and every week, fifty-two times a year, always attracting a crowd?

Tel Aviv Numismatic Club, Hess Street 16, Tel Aviv (off Allenby Road, due north of Carmel market, 3rd street right). Thursdays, clubhouse open from around
2 pm. The clubhouse is owned by the Tel Aviv Philatelic Club which meets each Monday. Phonecard collectors fill the Sunday slot. Philatelic, numismatic and Judaica auctions are held Wednesdays. Membership NIS 14.00/month. One-time admission NIS 14.00 (good for one month) charged to non-members.


Israel Numismatic Collectors Association

Israel Numismatics is alive! That is the opinion of the approx. 100 members of the Israel numismatic Collectors Society (INCA), 60-80 of which meet approx. once every six weeks in Tel Aviv, to listen to interesting lectures by experts, to trade Israel and world coins, banknotes etc., or just exchange numismatic experiences. INCA issues a quarterly magazine in Hebrew.

INCA, date (always on a Thursday at 5:30 pm) and place of meeting announced in advance to members. Membership NIS 100 per year + NIS 20 per meeting, which includes the quarterly INCA magazine in Hebrew. Hot & soft drinks and cake included!



Israel Government Coins & Medals Corporation

to be privatized?

Talk of the town, at least among numismatists. For now only a persistent rumour. The IGCMC has the same problem as official governmental numismatic outlets in other countries. It started life in the 1950's selling coins and medals – numismatic material only – just as its name says. Now they are just another big jewellery and gift store, also selling expensive numismatic and quasi-numismatic material. Nothing strange, though. For instance, look at the Swiss or Dutch mints' websites and you'll see much the same.

IGCMC website: &


Counterfeit 10 New Sheqalim coin

Fake bi-metallic NIS 10 coins (KM-270). Now you see them almost everywhere. There are so many of them around that people don't even bother to check their change, even though they are easily detected. Not even our local lotto salesman or cab driver! Especially the minting quality of the copper core is inferior, the obverse motif and reverse text is less raised than on the genuine coin. The copper core is also somewhat rounded-off towards the rim on one side (either obverse or reverse). Made in Jaffa. Rumour says that they also made their way into Israel from Nablus, Palestinian Authority. All those seen by me were dated 5755 (1995). They are being collected. Open question: Does a forged coin belong in a coin collection?
See the (genuine) 10 New Sheqalim coin at the
Bank of Israel website.