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Centre of Israeli Numismatic Specialities

pob 62127, tel aviv 61620, israel   *   pinchas bar-zeev   *   ana #113693   *   aina #6680
tel: +972-3-6583630, +972-52-8378376   *   fax: +1-815-361-6027 (efax)

e-mail:    *    website:
the numismatic source direct from israel since 1977


How to order

Our customers have a choice between four ordering options:

Order Online via the PayPal ordering and credit card payment system

Easy, safe and free online shopping cart and secure payment system. You do not need to disclose your financial or credit card information to us. Save the hassle, expense and risk of mailing cash or a cheque. Orders are shipped immediately after we receive the automated order and payment notification from PayPal.


Order by e-mail using the PayPal 'Send Money' option
Please save the order form to your disk as a <*.doc> file, and fill it out with a text editor (MS Word, WordPad, etc.). Then e-mail it to us as an attachment. Pay through the PayPal 'Send Money' option, which is free and saves you the expense and hassle of mailing a cheque or cash. No credit card details required by us. Orders are shipped upon receipt of payment notification from PayPal.

Order by fax using the PayPal 'Send Money' option
Please print and fax the order form. Pay through the PayPal 'Send Money' option, which is free and saves you the expense and hassle of mailing a cheque or cash. No credit card details needed by us. Orders are shipped upon receipt of payment notification from PayPal.

Order by mail

If you wish to pay by cheque or USPS M/O, or send cash, please print out the order form and airmail it together with your payment.

When ordering online, please feel free to utilize the 'Special Instructions' window, for example in these instances, and we shall gladly oblige:

If you want us to declare a different 'value for customs purposes' than we usually do (we normally declare 25% or less).
If you require a printed and signed invoice to accompany your order (we usually send our invoices by e-mail, as an attachment to the order dispatch confirmation).
If you wish the order to arrive after a specific date. Some customers are frequently away traveling, and do not wish their orders to arrive during their absence.
Etcetera if we can, we'll do it.


Terms of sale and payment

General terms of sale:

Numismatic items for which prices are quoted, are either in stock or immediately available locally. It may, however, be possible that
an item has run out of stock or has temporarily become unavailable at very short notice, before we could update the price list / web
page, containing the relevant item. Even though C.O.I.N.S. endeavours to supply all items quoted in our price lists and keep its
website as updated as possible, no guarantee can be given that any listed item is in stock or available at any time.

To minimize the risk of damage during shipping, a combined order containing, for instance, coins and banknotes, may be shipped
separately; our choice, but at no extra cost to customer, who will be notified. Numismatic books may be shipped separately to qualify
for reduced book rate postage.
Please also refer to the relevant footnotes at the end of several price lists, which are an integral part of our terms of sale.
Orders are shipped by registered airmail. In certain instances, our choice only, shipment may be effected by
EMS (Premier
International Express Mail Service), at no extra cost to customer.

Methods and terms of payment:

On-line credit card payment through PayPal (see above: 'How to order'). C.O.I.N.S. never obtains your credit card details!
Payment through the PayPal 'Send Money' option. The order will be dispatched upon receipt of payment notification from PayPal.
We never obtain your credit card details.
Cash (at sender's risk). If the order amount is not a round 'banknote(s)' figure, you may add legal tender
U.S. coins to arrive at the
exact amount payable. Legal tender cash (banknotes and coins) in Euro or Pounds sterling also accepted at the prevailing rate of
        exchange of the relevant currency against the U.S. dollar. Dispatch upon receipt of payment.

Cheque or USPS M/O issued to "PINCHAS BAR-ZEEV ONLY".

With new customers paying by personal cheque, we reserve the right to ship after clearance of cheque.

Minimum USD 10.00 per order.

Orders between USD 10.00 and USD 49.99 add USD 3.00 for postage. To online orders under USD 50.00 this amount is added
automatically during checkout.
All orders over USD 50.00 postage is always included!
If you pay by cheque or Money Order, issue to "PINCHAS BAR-ZEEV ONLY".


After-sale service, inquiries, requests

We are always at our customers' disposal.
E-mail us with your remarks or requests.
Fax us to our
U.S. number (efax).
Phone us. From the U.S.: 011-972-52-8378376 or 011-972-3-6583630.. From most other countries: 00-972-52-8378376 or
        00-972-3-6583630. Kindly note time zone differences:

Eastern +7 hours (6:00 pm in New York = 1:00 am in Israel)

Central +8 hours (6:00 pm local time = 2:00 am in Israel)  

Mountain +9 hours (6:00 pm local time = 3:00 am in Israel)

Pacific +10 hours (6:00 pm local time = 4:00 am in Israel)

Alaska +11 hours (6:00 pm local time = 5:00 am in Israel)
           Hawaii +12 hours (6:00 pm local time = 6:00 am in Israel)
U.K. + 2

Most of Continental Europe +1